How I Saved My Furniture (and my friendships too)

January 11th, 2022


    • Ryan Mahoney

  • Ryan Mahoney

Meet My friend Matt

My good friend Matt came over to watch the newest season of our favorite show and like any good friend does I offer him a beer. 

He sits down on the couch ready for our show to start and then puts his beer on the coffee table...


Now I'm not the kind of guy to make a fuss over little things. I just don't. But I splurged on this sweet live edge wood coffee table. I consider it the only nice possession in my apartment and really the only nice styled furniture I own.

But if it's getting stained with beer rings, then I'd cry a sad cry.

I feel like a jerk when I have to say, "Matt. See that coaster right in front of your face? Yah.. USE IT." 

Seriously how often does this happen when guests use ANY surface BUT the coaster. It's hysterical at this point. 

So I did some research. I first found some coasters that clearly laid it out. Written across each one says "Don't F*** Up The Table". While funny, not a pleasant sight for my family and nephews.

I kept looking around and once I laid my eyes on these coasters, I knew this was the perfect solution. 

These unique coasters from Avocrafts are so eye catching
 that I knew NONE of my friends would miss them. And it turns out I was exactly right. Every guest immediately catches a glance and then comments on them.

I may have found the perfect coaster

It's almost too good a solution! The coasters are such a good conversation starter, I can't have guest over without them noticing them and talking about them!

The natural wood makes an incredible aesthetic that adds warmth to any space. The cedar wood absorbs condensation so I've enjoyed their mighty protection that comes with their gorgeous look.

They Come With A Bonus

They come with a cool bonus too: natural smelling fresh wood. It's such a pleasant joy that everyone enjoys. 

But the best part? It's such a brilliant design that Matt purchased a set for himself. And now he's using coasters in his own home! Talk about a dramatic change of behavior. 

For anyone looking for the most eye catching coasters in their home, I'd recommend these coasters by Avocrafts in a heartbeat.