My Brother Called Me “Stupid” For Buying These $50 Drink Coasters.
 But When He Tried Them!–

My older brother Arthur and his girlfriend had just finished unpacking and making themselves at home in my guest bedroom. We were all feeling pretty excited about the week in front of us, and I decided it would be a good time to catch up in the living room over some cold drinks.

Of course, when my brother went to place his glass directly on my wooden coffee table, I teasingly scolded him and said, “Hey man, use a coaster. I paid $50 for these things!”

“Seriously? $50? For a drink coaster? Jack, you must either be stupid or crazy! Ha ha.” His girlfriend chuckled. Even I laughed. After all, most people wouldn’t pay anything close to that for a drink coaster.

“Did he really pay $50 for these?” I heard my brother’s girlfriend whisper to him.

“I hope not!” Arthur exclaimed. “That really would be stupid. . . Especially in this humid climate, there’s going to be water everywhere no matter what! But my brother's a funny guy, I think this is the start of some new joke. Listen to him tell his story, this is going to be good.”

I decided to add dramatic effect to the situation. With a flourish I produced the coasters, and carefully – gingerly – placed them down on the table in front of my guests with the air of someone who handles a priceless piece of art.

I had them smiling by now.

Then they tried them.

As soon as they placed their (now heavily perspiring) drinks down on the coasters, the laughter died on their lips as if by magic. All of the moisture that dripped off of their drinks was absorbed directly into the ultra-absorbent cedar wood top of the coasters.

My brother amazedly picked his drink off of the coaster to see if any of the moisture was still there underneath, and wiped his hand along the dry surface, then turned to his girlfriend with eyebrows all the way up and eyes open wide!

Then they both noticed the subtle, yet soothing woodsy aroma coming from the coasters I had laid down in front of them. (A smell that comes from the authentic cedar inside of it).

As they both admired their coasters as if for the first time, they both looked at me with amazement and questions in their eyes.

“I have to admit it, man. These coasters are #$@%ing amazing!” Arthur said to me, with a giant smile on his face. “Where did you get these bad boys?”

“They are called Avocrafts coasters, bro.” I said with a glint in my eye. “And they are only $50, can you believe it?”


Get Your Very Own Set Of Premium Avocraft Coasters

  • Made from ultra-absorbent cedar wood
  • Authentic Cedar for natural aromatherapy
  • Guaranteed protection for all tables, regardless of climate.
  • And yes, they are “only” $50!